DIABOLICK opened its doors in BCN with one principle objective, to create a brand sincere to the spirit of ‘old school’ and all this phrase embraces.

Ah I love this shop. For me it represents a quite movement of small brands establishing their market and embracing there individuality, and slowly growing. While there are many people creating clothing on the back of image of ‘street culture’ there are few that genuinely understand it. Diabolik Store does. This is displayed by all the collaborations that goes on in this place and projects that they are involved in.

The intention of the shop is to have a space that has a strong background with, music/art/street culture. The architecture of space is inviting and informal. Different levels, stairs leading up and down in to different areas, invites you to have a good mooch at products and the cool murals, for as long as you like. i-am like this, it embraces the ‘experience’ that brands can give you, it encourages you to return.

Downstairs the space becomes shop and gallery. Every 2 months an ‘artist Vs Diabolik’. The motive of the ‘battle’ (drawing battle if you like), to project a new image that sits alongside Diabolik. Not change Diabolik image but opens it up, questions what Diabolik is, can be. Therefore keeping the space and hence brand versatile.

Some original labeling, with pictogram’s, links not only the clothes to the music but show the diversity of Diabolik music connections. Looks damn good too! i-am favourite is the Reggae comb.

Other collaborations with urban magazines, Lamomo, Staf (great layout design), LeCool, Relevant (this is a little gem of a mag unfolding I predict!) centre Diabolik in a BCN movement I feel. Sure there’s always been creative stuff happening in this city but all these guys seem to be on the same course of improving themselves while remaining true to their identity, and that brings me back to what ‘street culture’ really is.

It pretty cool what can be achieved when collaborating together and Diabolik latest concept UFO (Urban fashion Object) which shows it first collection this Jan 09, ( the likes of designers My Jok, Carp111 and Marcos Caberera to name a few) is sure to be a leading brand in years to come.


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