Contraflow is a gathering of people doing their stuff for the love of it. ‘Hiphoppinelectro Rockinginbreaks… n…beats dubsteppingbuttshaking goodvibe inreggeahouse funkdiscosouljazz afrolatinbrazillian classics’…just good music and in my view good music=good people, washed down with a few beers totals to some good ideas and creative experimentation being put into practice.

I seemed to be walking about with a crumpled flyer in my hand for some days before I actually read it! I knew it was a winner though, that Ninja logo equals nice parties guaranteed. Ahhh memories of the good old days, people doing shit for the love of it before the marketing game jumped in. Contraflow is a Ninja Tune party for all you Ninjas out there. My definition of a Ninja is someone who never stops creative grazing. By that I mean is always mooching about checking out nice stuff whether it’s considered cool or not, and putting their artistic plans into action. A lot of people can talk about stuff not many people put it into practice. You are either born a Ninja or not. Ninja’s don’t like to be labled, their known for not being fully known and this aloofness is very attractive to me. You don’t always know what you gonna get, but you know it will be good.

So good infact everytime I have ventured off to a Contraflow party Ive got pleasantly distracted by good music, random conversations, interactive graffiti and nice visuals, oh and maybe the beer may have contributed a little to! Hence my abstract (arty eh!) photos on view here! In my experience creative people need space. Space to play in.The more space the better!

The spaces of Contraflow parties vary, indoor to outdoors, under tents, or on the beach. The indoor space at Poble Nou feels like a giant youth centre, but with booze… great! The lighting/graphic visuals create the interior decoration. I think ‘lighting’ as an area of design has just grown so much within the last few years. Light fascinates me, the way it can subconsciously tap in to us, and so subtle or dramatically change our environment. Light, has always been used for practical reasons but is now being used more and more as the core decoration to environments. For instance, the countdown in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics to styled fairy lights available in Habitat. The only other medium that deeply taps in to our subconscious like light, is music.

Which all remains for me to say, Global Souljah you are my first true internet friendship I have formed ja ja! and I look forward to having a face to face normal conversation with you one day, conversation anyhow, whether it will be normal remains to be seen! Keep up the good work… work hard, party hard!


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