Dance in urban landscapes with one clear intention: to present dance in a very seductive space.

Ciudades Que Danzan/Dancing Cities-CQD is an international network of festivals with a programme of dance show in urban landscapes. Currently, the CQD network is composed of twenty eight European and South/Central American dance festivals.

CQD is the union of architecture and urban space, the contemporary dance and the public.

CQD opens a different vision of the artistic and cultural heritage inherent in each city. Through the language of dance, the people passing through the spaces lean to look in a different way at a place, a street corner, hence rediscovering them.

CQD encourages creative concepts to invigorate public access to culture as a prominent tool of social integration.

Two years ago, at the Olympic swimming pools (image shown above) of Montjuic , a hill that overlooks BCN, people watched a dance performance from company Retouramont, while the city shone impressive behind. This experience is revisited in 40 different cities from April to December this year and forms the CQD festival. I visited the days in BCN. I was left with an overwhelming experience of complete awe, creatively and emotionally. Such a simple concept, and using spaces that already exist but for a different purpose, dance, deeply changed me and drew me closer to my surroundings. How you ask? For me it is the incredible sensation you get from watching bodies move in urban spaces, dance and architecture combined.

‘Dance creates a special language capable of making a spectator look upon the space in a special way. Dancers can analyse, understand and recreate a space designed by architects and give a new perspective. Dance emphasizes many architectonical concepts’ Toni Mira, choreographer and director of the NAT NUS company.

Spacial sense for the performer and audience is disorientated..for instance, dancing in shops, hanging from diving boards, you are presented with constant surprises to the laws of gravity and normal perceptions of space. CQD festival/network, teaches you how to ‘think out side the box’. CQD teaches you how to ‘step out side the box’. A truly exciting, and inspirational movement is building here and i feel transforming, dance as a medium. Dance as a medium is so powerful as it is living, moving. Brand experiences could take heed of this dance ethos; and consider, adapt, work, live with existing spaces. A truly inspirational piece of work was from B Boy Storm, this guy is a genius!


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